English for Adults - Intermediate (Senin)

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Jadwal Kursus: Senin 16.00 - 18.00 | Tanggal kursus: 01.11.2021 - 20.12.2021



Pre Intemediate

What you will learn : 

  1. Present time, present continuous, present perfect simple, present perfect continuous, stative verbs
  2. Talk about daily activity
  3. Talk about events happening now and events continuing up to the present moment
  4. Write about daily activity or activity on the weekend
  5. Read texts about leisure time activities
  6. Phrasal verbs, phrases and collocation, word formation, error correction
  7. Talk about public transportation
  8. Talk about travelling experience

Note :

  • Kursus Reguler english for adults Intermediate berlangsung selama 8 minggu
  • Durasi kursus 120 menit/pertemuan(@1xseminggu)
  • Jumlah peserta minimal 8 orang dan max. 12 orang
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